Some of the events we have been at in the past:
- Ink'n'iron Tattoo Convention, Long Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA (Two Years)
- Tattoo Jam Tattoo Convention, Doncaster, England
- Peterlee Tattoo Convention, Near Newcastle, England (two years)
- Needle art tattoo convention, Breda, Near Amsterdam, Netherlands (Two Years)
- East Flanders Tattoo Convention, East Flanders, Belgium
- Oslo Rock City Jamboree, Oslo, Norway (six years)
- Bø Rock City Jamboree, Bø, Norway
- Oslo Rock city Fundraiser, Lucky 7, Oslo, Norway
- Hamme Tattoo Convention, Hamme, Belgium
- Helgeroadagen, Norway (Three years)
- MK Tattoo Convention, Near London, England

- Vienna Tattoo Convention, Vienna, Austria

- The other side of the ink, Rome, Italy

- 17th Tattoo Convention Antwerpen, Belgium

- 24th International Tattoo Convention, Frankfurt, Germany

- International Tattoo Expo, Rome, Italy (Three Years)

- Needle Art Tattoo Convention, Breda, The Netherlands

- Amsterdam Tattoo Convention, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (two years)
- Staverfestival, Stavern, Norway
- In addition to doing a bunch of stands and conventions all over the world, Isso Tattoo has attended a lot of foundraisers, and work for charitable organizations, included childrens cancer treatment, the rebuilding of Utøya, christmas present collections for the salvation army and more.

Some of the previous guestspots by Anders Isso Trondsen:
- Nemesis Tattoo, Seaham, England
- Cock-a-snook, Newcastle, England
- Devil tattoo & piercing, Pula, Croatia
- A.V. Ink, Lancaster, Los Angeles, USA
- 27.th st. Tattoo, Lancaster, Los Angeles, USA
- Thailand Tattoo, Thailand
- M.O.B ink, Lancaster, Los Angeles, USA
- Lucky 7, Oslo, Norway

Some of the previous Guestartists at the Isso Tattoo shop in Norway:
- John Anderton, Nemesis tattoo, England
- Jerry Walker, 27.th st. tattoo, Los Angeles, USA
- Kieran Hoohar, London/Bergen
- Arturo, Holy Koi Tattoo, Gran Canari, Spain
- Kim Dhalstedt, Invictus Tattoo, Oslo Norway
- Paul Johnson, triplesix tattoo, Newcastle, England
- Jen maw, triplesix tattoo, Newcastle, England
- Kerry-ann Richardson, Cock-a-snook, England
- Sean Elleman, Australia/Germany

- Manu Racoon, Spain/England
- Andre Nordlund aka Gentlemandre, Oslo, Norway




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