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Frequently asked questions about Isso Tattoo

We get asked a bunch of questions all the time, and here is some of the most frequent ones.


How can I contact Isso tattoo?

You can email us on: POST@ISSOTATTOO.NO
All other contact info you can find right here: CONTACT


Why cant i just stop by the shop to show you my motive/drawing/idea?

You can if you have an appointment/consultation booked, just email us and organize it. To ensure that our customers allways have 100% focus, and get full attention from the artist, you always book appointments on email first.
Beeing a private tattoo lounge, booking appointments is a little different than in regular tattoo studios/street shops.

First you email us with your idea or motive, if it is needed you can even get a consultation set up. On the email we can figure out how long your tattoo is gonna take, when we have time to book you in, the cost and duration of the appointment. We can also set up all the tattoo sessions you will need to get it done. You can´t just show up at the tattoo studio.This is a step in our setup to guarantee high quality work.We also do not have any standard opening hours, and there is a good chance that you will show up when the studio is closed.


I have heard that Isso is fully booked for a year, how can i get an appointment?

It is true that Isso is booked for a little while, but don't believe everything you hear. For bigger tattoos, sleeves & backpieces, you will have to email the shop and get some info about how long its gonna take to get the tattoo done, and when there is openings.
But if you want something small, like lettering, symbols and other regular sized tattoos, just call the shop! We often have some time in the mornings, this is to ensure that you dont have to wait for months to get your lettering done!


How does the deposit system work?

You pay a deposit of 1000,- kroners for a tattoo. If you can't make it to your appointment, you have to call us atleast 2 working days before you are suposed to get tattooed, or else you will loose your deposit. You do not pay the deposit in advance, you will get a bill in the mail. Just like you do at the doctor or dentist.


What's the minimum price for a small tattoo?

For your safety, we only use disposable tubes and needles. We are inclined to use a much stricter hygienic standard. We still manage to keep our minimum price at 1200,- kroners. If your getting a really really small tattoo, think about doing more than one tattoo during you session, to get a better combined price.


What are the opening hours?

We don't have any. Usually we are tattooing during normal shop opening hours, but it really depends on what we are doing. We are at the shop when you are scheduled to get your tattoo... that is whats important.


How much does a tattoo cost?

That depends on what your getting, and is as hard to answer as "how much does a car cost?" But this is how you get the answer for your tattoo!
Send us an email with a picture of what your getting, and this information:
- Where on the body is it going?

- How big is it gonna be in cm?

- Is it going to be colours or black & grey?

- if you dont have a picture, send a detailed idea of what you want.


Do you do piercings or sell piercing jewelry?

The short answer is; no. We dont cary retail jewelry or do piercings.
We only do kick ass tattoos!



How do i take care of my new tattoo?

*Remove the plastic cover 2-3 hours after you got your tattoo. Wash your tattoo gently in hot water using greensoap( or somesort of mild nonperfume soap)


*Clap/pat it dry with a clean towel.


*When your tattoo had the chance to dry for about 10 minutes you apply a thin layer of Helosan. You can buy Helosan in almost every pharmacies, and most of the groceries.


*Apply the Helosan lotion 2-3 times a day, but even a bit more if your tattoo is very dry.


*After a few days a crust is starting to develope on your tattoo. Do not scratch, pluck or rip of the crust, it can damage the ink in your tattoo. Its starting to peel of itself after a 10-14 days. Try to apply the lotions in about 2-3 more weeks after the crust have fallen off.

*Use light and easy clothes the first week with your new tattoo. Make sure its not rubbing and making your tattoo get irritated. Use clean clothes every day the first week. Its easy to get old blood of somesort in your tattoo and it gets easely infected.

*Keep away from the sun and saltwater/sea for 2 weeks. Even more will be best for your tattoo. Tanning saloons and swimmingpools with chlorinwater you should not use ATLEAST the 4 first weeks of the healing period. All of these things will bleech your tattoo heavily.

*Use sunscreen or sunblock the first summer. It will help the colours in your tattoo to last much longer...

Where do i park my car?

​There is a couple of free parkingspaces in front of Issoland



Do i need to do any preparation for my tattoo?

There is a few things you can do, for your own comfort.
- The area you are getting tattooed needs to be shaved. You can do this before you come, for a smoother experience. We use disposable razors.
Use of alcohol the day before, or the same day your getting a tattoo is not to recomended. Alcohol makes your blood thinner, and the ink will bleed out.

- You can bring some candy and soda to keep your bloodsugar high.
- Remember to get a good nights sleep and a big breakfast!



Do you have gift certificates?

yes we do, you can buy them at Issoland or you can get them digitaly by sending an email to:!


Can i bring my seven best friends to watch me get tattooed?

No you can't, but to keep you calm, you are alowed to bring a friend. But you can't bring your whole crew of twelve.
, and no kids. Sorry


Can i get tattooed by Isso at a Tattoo convention?

Shure thing! If you are atending a tattoo convention that Isso is working on, just send us an email at, and we'll get it organized.



When do you have guestartists?

You will se them schedueled under the EVENTS part of the page, and on our instagram page!



What social medias are Isso Tattoo on?

To be honest, we're on most of them. We always have the same username: "issotattoo".
So check us out on facebook, instagram, twitter, snap  and all of that goodstuff!



Do you design logos/webpages?

We seldom have time to do logos/webpages, also this kind of style of realistic tattoos don't really transfer to good into digital artwork. But the few times we accept offers in the digital world, we charge 1500,- an hour, inkluded the sketching/preparation time.



Should I send you tattoo requests on facebook, snap and instagram?

We usually use social media on a regular basis, but we get hundreds of messages every week, so to keep it under control and ensure the customer relations and guarantee that you will get the answers you need, and the follow-up we want all our customers to have you will be redirected to our email.

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