After running one of Norways biggest, and most successful shops for a number of years, Anders Isso Trondsen now resides in a private tattoo lounge in Larvik town, Norway.
The shop has a nice clean design that suits the creative working enviroment. It is located in the second floor in Sigurdsgate.
The door up to Isso Tattoo is marked with our information.

Beeing a private tattoo lounge, booking appointments is a little different than in a regular tattoo studios/street shops.
First you email us with your idea or motive, if it is needed you can even get a consultation set up.
On the email we can figure out how long your tattoo is gonna take, when we have time to book you in, the cost and duration of the appointment. We can also set up all the tattoo sessions you will need to get it done. You can´t just show up at the tattoo studio.
This is a step in our setup to guarantee high quality work.

If you have any questions about bookings, you can get the answers here!



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Sigurdsgate 4
3256 Larvik, Norway
Tel: 41 21 80 16



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